Various work

I got to borrow and ACOM 2000A from SM2OAN when I was up helping him, so I have built a shelf for it so it doesn’t stand on the floor. I have also painted a few things, such as the rotator cabinet for the moskojärvi tower and also the cabinet I built for the inband tower. Hopefully I will get this cabinet moved to the proper location next weekend and installed partly.

I also changed the power supply to the WIFI-link. I am trying to remove all the switched supplies that are not really needed and can be replaced by linear ones. I bought a few linear ones from SM2RHL during the SKRA flea market which I put to use.

Me and SM2XJP also talked to the power line company about a potential noisy transformer that is currently not in use. So they were kind enough to remove the fuses before the SAC CW contest and man the bands are quiet now. There is still at times some noise from the power line so we will need to try finding that and telling them about it.

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