Another adventure to SM2OAN

A couple of weekends ago I went to SM2OAN so we could do some tower work in his 36m tower. His 40m 40-2CD broke this winter so he has built a fullsize 2el yagi that would replace the 40-2CD. I went there on Friday and we managed to rig the tram line and also changed the 5 GHz internet link that was damaged in a lightning strike this summer. I also tilted the 30m yagi so we could get by it without needing to lower that one to the ground as well. This QTH is amazing and with good weather an awesome place to be at.

After a night of rest and a great breakfast SM2GCQ had showed up to help us out. We took the 5el for 20m down and then continued by moving the 6el for 6m down to a lower position to make room for another 5el for 15m to get a 5/5el stack also on that band. After lunch I went up again and we took down the 40-2CD which went fairly well even though things take so much time when doing them in a tower, and I had a few issues but it eventually came down.

After dinner we tried to lift the 2el 40m and it is the same type of design as my inband 2el except different tapering (used yagi) and luckily it was tuned pretty much perfect. He wanted a bit lower than my yagi so it was resonating at 7.08 or so and 1.5:1 on the low side of the band and 1.9:1 at 7.2 MHz which was about what we aimed for.

After I came down from attaching the top 2el for 40m I was quite tired and got a nice cold beer when touching the ground. On Sunday the weather was way too windy to do any more work so we still have the job of lifting the 5el 20m and 5el 15m before we can call the work done. We also will lift the top 40m yagi about 1 meter higher after the tram wire has been removed.

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