SK3W trip

This year the planned SK3W trip involved trying to remove the top two yagis at SK3W in their 60m tower. These are the two yagis that are hardest to work on since the room to lower them is limited. What we ended up doing was to attach the tram wire from the top of the 60m tower onto the Ericsson tower at 16m height. With a winch on the tram wire we could easily tighten it and with the capstan as lifting power this worked great. SM3SGP did all the climbing and I ended up being ground crew giving orders which was also nice ūüôā

We simulated the 40m stack while being there and ended up with a design that had 28 ohm feed impedance. The 20m antenna design had already been simulated earlier with a close to 16m long boom. When Gunnar and crew earlier had lowered the lowest 20m yagi they found some cracks in the boom which showed it was time to do a renovation of these antennas for sure.

I also met a bunch of nice hams, SM5EPO, SM3SGP, SM3XIK, SM5IMO, SM6MCW, SM5AJV, SM5OXV, SM0W, SM6U and SM0UKE.

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