Power Meter update

I have done some work on the power meter pickup that we will use at the station. I have re-thought my earlier design a bit so instead of having the log-amp + A/D conversion happening in the box located in the shack it happens “in” the pickup and all data is transfered on a openASC bus. However I think I will run a separate bus for the power meters just to not overload the openASC bus with data. This way I can hook up several pickups on the same bus and have just an openASC USB-dongle connected to the computer. So I don’t need to build the display units for each operating position, I can just run a PC software to display the info on position 3 and 4 for example. I will try to build the display boxes for the SO2R position (radio 1 and 2).

I have done some work on the display software for the PC, which will also make it possible to read the power remotely. It is written in QT and is therefor platform independent.


I will post some results when I have done some measurements on the pickup. I could not find any good boxes so I built one myself and I think it looks pretty good considering it was done in an hour or two.

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