Since I decided to use 7/16″ for all antenna switching after the amplifiers at the station, I needed to design a new type of powersplitters since the old design just used SO239 or N connectors. I came up with a rather neat design of a powersplit which has got an high isolation A/B output as well, which means we can route the signal to/from the powersplitter to either output A or B. This really makes it simple to create an antenna switch system for four radios with just adding a couple of 6×2 switches as well. I expect the isolation between these two ports to be at least 65dB on 10m but I will post measurement results later.

The powersplitter uses a UN-UN balun (2.25:1 ratio) to match either two or three antennas to 50 ohms and when just using one antenna the signal is routed straight to the antenna to either the A/B outputs. The relays used are the same kind as microham uses, VSB-12STB and are SPDT 16A relays.

Here are the pictures of the current progress. Hopefully I will finish up at least one box this weekend so I can post some results of the measurements.

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