Antenna work in the snow

The propagations have been absolutely amazing this weekend on 160m! SM2LIY who is here with me worked over 100 NA stations during the night and worked 40 states on 160m! I worked 68 JA stations yesterday evening and some NA stations in the morning. TX3A was logged on 160 and 80m without any problems at all, peaking s9 on both bands. I also managed to work the last countries to complete dxcc on 160m which is a lot of fun, now next goal will be WAZ.

We have gotten some 10cm of wet snow this weekend which made antenna work a bit more difficult. I put up two more spotlights outside (400W) so now I have great light outside so I can work in the evenings with such work as antennas etc. A total of 1300W can be turned on which makes the yard light up really well. Today I put together the boom for the middle 20m yagi in the stack and I hope to complete it tomorrow.

Here are some pictures

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