Lots of tables

Lately I have been down at the station and doing some work cleaning the barn and I have also modified some tables. I’ve also gotten aluminum ordered for lots of antennas and hopefully it will arrive soon so we can start working on that. I think one of the first things to do will be to build new elements for the top 20m Yagi so we can change that as soon as possible.

And I almost forgot about the nice surprise when I arrived at SJ2W. Again the basement was flooded with water from the well containing our poo. It has been raining a lot lately so rain water probably got into the well and then flooded the basement. I might need to fix this permanently next year, even if I am getting a hang of how to deal with these issues. I got the water pumped out of the well and all water out from the basement. SM2LIY burned a lot of wood in the fire place to get better circulation through the basement and while he was working the WPX CW contest I had the big fan that presses air from the top floor down into the basement running on full speed the whole time. On Monday it was pretty dry in the basement.

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