Cable support

Today I felt like doing some digging so I started with filling the hole around the tower foundation for the 60m tower. After that I felt like mixing some concrete so I decided to fix the post which will support the cables for the 60m tower and also hold a cabinet with various electronics and connections for the tower. I first thought about using regular lumber but decided to use a steel pipe instead, this made it a lot easier. I just took a pipe which was around 4.5-5m long and put it about 60cm down into the ground. The hole size is about 120l which means around 250kg weight when it’s filled with concrete. I also added a frame around it to make it look a bit nicer.

To get the tubing straight before pouring the concrete I used a steel tube which I connected with help of a boom to mast plate for a 10m yagi and to the vertical post I used a CUE DEE special clamp which is a very neat thing. After I had it straight I started the concrete mixer and mixed around 130l of concrete to fill the hole. I sure don’t think that the post will buckle to the weight and tension of a few 7/8″ cables 🙂

Here are the pictures

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