Welding rebar, Field day and cutting more trees

The weekend is over. We had a great time on Saturday when around 20-25 people showed up for the field day at the QTH. My favorite visitor was the 2 year old female dog (Owner is mr and mrs CUE DEE, SM2DMU & SM2HTF) but also the others were nice to talk with. It was fun to see the faces of all the people one has heard on the 2m repeater during the last year of having this QTH.

Before the field day event I started to work on the rebar “cage” for the concrete base to the 60m tower. It is a bit more work to do though before it is finished. Hopefully we get to borrow a tractor soon so that we can fill up the guy wire anchor holes but also so that we get some gravel and sand here needed for mixing the concrete.  After that is done we are pretty much ready to raise the first sections of the 60m tower.

With help from SM2LIY we took down some more trees surrounding the 60m tower. All bigger trees that are within the reach of the tower or guy wires are taken down. Not only does it make it impossible for them to cause damage to the tower, it also opens up my land a bit which looks really nice. It is still just a little bit of the land that we remove trees from, there is plenty left.

Here are some pictures

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