Project progress

On Monday my vacation starts but I’ve been down at SJ2W during this week as well, since I didn’t really have any work that I needed to be at the work QTH. So I’ve been mixing real work with own work and have gotten some various stuff done. Also had a few visitors SA2CLC and SA2CHQ that both live very near the station and are two very eager new hams. SM2UVU came up with the welding jig he built when welding his 45m rotatable tower and also some other material so I can fix the top section that the forest machine broke.

I’ve also done some ventilation work for the shack so that we force the warm air from behind the “fake wall” down to the basement. It really made a huge difference on the air in the basement that went from typical moist basement air to a really nice and comfortable environment instead.

I also welded the attachments to the guy wire ring that SM2UVU got for us last year. I added some extra tabs where we can attach lines for the future 160m 4-SQ and some possible link antennas. Tomorrow SA2CHQ will pick them up to get them powder coated.

This weekend it’s the IARU contest and we will be on 20m SSB as SK9HQ plus also on 10m sharing with SK3W both CW/SSB to cover most openings if we get sporadic E etc. We might also do some lowbands since we didn’t get enough participants for serious efforts on all bands. So when 10m is closed we might be on 40 as well.

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