Welding cart finished

Me and my girlfriend went down to SJ2W this weekend. The plan was to head down on Thursday but a friend needed help with the foundation for his 300m2 house (we fixed 100m2 of this foundation now) and it was good to practice on a friends foundation before trying to do my own. I have some plans to make a 100m2 machine workshop in the near future at SJ2W so I can have a proper place to work on my projects. So we went down on Friday instead and the weather was quite bad during most of the weekend. I did cut some grass and did some other stuff as well such as completing the welding cart. I need to make some small additions to it but then its ready for paint and I am quite happy with the result. Now it’s a lot quicker when I need to weld to just roll out the cart and I’m ready to go.

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