A new year has come…

And plans for more activity at the station. I was there a lot during the XMAS break and spent many hours behind the FT1000D working DX. I also tried to do some physical work at the station but unfortunately a cold and fever limited that a bit. I managed though to put up some shelfs behind the fake wall for the computers and also with help from SM3JLA put a 40 leaded cable down to the basement which will be used to control things in the amplifier room. Such as PTT for amps, switches to key the radio, control for the Granger amp (auto tune) etc. SM3JLA also helped me to shovel snow off the 160M vertical which we hope to errect before CQ 160M CW contest.

SM2XJP and me had been to the store to get some groceries and he had left and I was sitting at the radio when the door to the house opened. I thought that SM2XJP had forgotten something but in stepped SM3JLA which was a nice suprise. So he was there during one night working DX but propagations were not very good.

I also had a nice visit from SM2XLL who was bored and went out driving. And on Saturday I had a very pleasant visit from SM2DMU, SM2HTF + their German Schäfer Ofelia and they seemed to like the place and Ofelia seemed to love it 🙂

Otherwise I have been trying to figure out exactly where to place the 60m tower. I want to have this planned so that I can start taking down trees now during the winter, so that doesn’t need to be done in high summer temperatures.

Here are some pictures

SM3JLA calling CQ on 80M

What is he looking at?

Here is what he’s looking at. Both me and SM3JLA are UFC fans.

Shelfs for the computers behind the fake wall

40 leaded cable going downstairs

Wall sockets that mr X has installed

The new shelfs and JLA working DX while watching UFC

This happens when you aren’t careful using the saw…

Two computers put on the shelfs…

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