Antenna progress

Last week I spent at SJ2W mixing work for myself and work for the actual work which pays. The days were spent making antennas and some of the evenings were spent working. It’s a lot of work to build antennas pretty much from scratch and at the end of the week I was pretty sick of it. However now three antennas are completely ready to be lifted (20m 5el, 40m 2el and 30m 3el). The elements are done for the 2nd 40m yagi as well and we need to take the other 5el for 20m down from the WARC tower and modify the element positions and element length to match the new design.

SM2XLL, SM2UVU and SM2XJP were the helpers during the weekend. SM2UVU showed up with some cable so we got 3-phase to the military tower position. When we were going to start the winch it was totally stuck and after we’d taken it apart and cleaned it, after we noticed some insects had made a nest in it, it worked smoothly again. SM2XLL also managed to find some 76mm clamps for us that we were missing sine a delivery had failed from Swedol.

I climbed up with the tram wire and lift rope in the tower and it is a bit scary, the top part of the top section is only 20cm and it moves quite a bit in the top, however after a while I got used to it and it wasn’t so scary anymore. We managed to get one measurement done on the top 40m and it looks promising, but we figured that we will need to hoist it up to the top to actually see how it will look, because now we have too much impact from the tram wire and guy lines plus the ground.

Hopefully we’ll get something up this next weekend.

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