Wheel loaders rock!

This weekend I had plans to do a lot of antenna work, but I didn’t get as much as I had intended done. We needed to get some dirt to fill holes in the yard (after digging cables etc) so we borrowed the wheel loader from GTL and since my neighbour needed help removing some big rocks that his tractor could not handle, we helped him as well. I have felt he has been helping us far more than we have been helping him, so it’s been good to pay some favours back. GTL are as usual extremely helpful and borrowing equipment does not seem to be a problem as long as SM2XJP is the driver.

However, I did get bolts into the booms so they are ready now. I build the element plates for the 30m yagi, I built a boom strut for the 30m yagi so now all parts that will go to get galvanized are finished. Peter will take them into Skellefteå on Monday and we will get them back on Friday, so I will have them before the weekend which is great.

Hopefully this week I will get some plastic line to be used for the boom support (6mm solid plastic wire) and we can start to assemble the antennas in the weekend. However still lots of work to be done before we are ready for the contest season.

SA0AZT also sent up a package with HI-Z 4-SQ type of RX array that he gave us, and we will put out in a field as a complement to the beverages. Hopefully the HI-Z array is more reliable and might be possible to use inband as well, we will see! This project is however not a high priority but I hope to have it up before CQWW SSB! Thank you very much Mattias!

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