A weekend at the station

This weekend I spent a few days down at the station as my vacation begun. Me and SM2XJP went on Friday down to SM2UVU and picked up the plate that he got cut for us with the laser at his friends work. Its a 10mm thick plate with a total of 39 holes cut out with perfect precision. We also got some coffee and talked a lot about his project of putting up a 48m tower he built himself which is rotatable and will be filled with Optibeam antennas.

Later on Saturday my girlfriend came down and went into town and bought a door for the house. She also cut the lawn and I removed the roof that was above the stairs and cut away the rails so that I can finish up that side of the extra insulation of the house.

I did some work with the chainsaw as well and installed the metal oxide protection for the rotor cables down in the basement.

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