Pouring some concrete

I am spending the week down at the station preparing for WPX CW coming up and also doing some work on the house. I decided to get a concrete floor in the room where I have the openASC driver cards and also the pump for the water in the house. For some reason only half of the floor was concrete and the rest was sand, so I decided to change that. It was a bit tough work though mixing the concrete will the drill and doing it by myself, I had a walk with buckets down and pour it. It did harden quite fast so I had to hurry as well…when I do the big room we need to be more people and also I need to use a real concrete mixer.

Last week I also built a unit which will solve the inband issues I had with PTTing that I will try to install tomorrow so I have plenty of time fixing if something doesn’t work as intended. On Thursday I am going to get a visit from my father together with SM3LIC and SM3UZS which will be fun. LB3HC will arrive on Thursday evening and will be spending a few days at SJ2W and also working WPX CW with us.

I also finished up some minor things on the house, so now two sides are completely done and one side is 95% done, so pretty much just one side left to do, which I hope to have done in June so the rest of the year can be spent on radio stuff.

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