QBL chassis

I have been working on building the chassis for the QBL amplifier. I tried to find some 19″ rack unit but unfortunately I could not get hold of anyone big enough, so I decided to build one myself out of 20x20x3mm L-iron. After cutting them with my new RAGE 2 saw I used a drill press to thread 120 pcs of holes for the aluminum sides, which I will need to cut later. I need to borrow some equipment to cut those so that they look good.

I built the box quite large, but I rather have it too big than too small.

I have also milled a few boards that will be used for the amplifier project, one is a rectifier board and the other is a couple of zener diode boards.

Power saws are perhaps the most power tools with rotating blade and useful machine in any metalworking and woodworking shop. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you know how often we need to cut a pipe or a piece of metal or wood. When you have to do a lot of cutting, using a hand tool such as hacksaw will get you exhausted pretty soon. Power saws are great since they not only reduce out workload but also enable us to cut things more accurately.

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