Base bearing finished

This weekend me and the girlfriend went down a bit late on Friday to the radio QTH. The plan was for her to do some painting on the house and I was intending to get the some work done on the bottom bearing for the 40m military tower project plus maybe try to get the hole ready to pour some concrete into it. However the work with the hole did not work very well. I used a pump to get rid of the water and thought I could get the dirt that had fallen down during the winter with a shovel but I was very wrong. When I jumped down I sank down almost to my knees in mud and I realized the only thing to do was to call the excavator. He will hopefully empty it sometime during the week so we can get some work done with it this coming weekend.

The base bearing work did go a lot better. I managed to get it pretty much completed and now what is left is to paint it or maybe sent it for to get hot dipped galvanized but I am not sure if they are OK with receiving parts that are partly already galvanized and some painted as well. I need to find that out, if I need to get it all sand blasted first I think I’ll just paint it with hammarlack instead.

My girlfriend did some painting on the house and also cut the lawn after I had cleaned up the yard a bit more.

Hopefully next weekend I will cut down some stumps from old trees so that SM2XJP dares to drive the L70 tractor in there with gravel, if so we can start making the foundation which will be huge fun.

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