Various electronics

I’ve been a bit lazy lately but now I started to do something useful again. I started building the housing for the input filter for one of the amplifier projects going on. I also found a big fan which is capable of moving 21 m3 of air each minute that they were going to throw away at work. So I took it and when I tested it would not run, so I took a guess and replaced the motor capacitor and now it runs just perfectly.

I also finished up the box for the LP-filter for 20m. I have almost run out of 7/16″ connectors (chassie females) so I will need to pick a couple from the 80m filter at SJ2W which did not work properly and install it on this box instead. I did some quick measurements and managed to get about -65dB harmonic attenuation on 10m and about 0.15dB insertion loss on 20m. I think I can tweak these values slightly more, maybe I can get down to 0.1dB insertion loss and I will be pleased with it.

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