WARC beam finished

Today the wasp war continued. This time I think I finished them off using three dl of gasoline into each hole and smoked them out. After that I dug the hole up and filled it back with gravel and sand. So hopefully the war is won but we will see.

SM2XLL came by and helped me to finish up the WARC beam so after he left it was pretty much ready to be tuned. I spent the rest of the day making a boom strut for the 40m 3el Yagi which is in the process of being built. I am quite pleased with how it came out and I really like using square tubing instead of round ones, makes it a lot easier to cut and get the welds nice. Now I need to clean it off and paint it and start building the boom for the Yagi.

SM2LIY arrived in the evening and after some BBQ we hoisted the beam into vertical position with the reflector down and tuned it up. We didn’t need to adjust it anything on 17m but on 12m we had to adjust the hairpin a bit to get a proper match. The beam is not designed to sit in the 60m tower, but it did fit when turning the beam about 30 degrees off, giving it enough room to have a few cm between the elements and tower. So that is the reason why its not pointing exactly as the other beams. The first tests seem very promising and the first QSO was ZP6CW followed by D2CQ.

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