More done on the 2x4CX1500B amplifier

Today I did some more work on the amplifier. I milled out a sensor card, which will be used to sense the control and screen grid currents. It can also measure the voltage of the screen and all this is fed into the controller boards A/D converter. I also milled a couple of couplings, which will connect the stepper motors to the potentiometers that measures the position of each vacuum capacitor. While milling the sensor board I also milled out the high voltage pickup board, used to measure the voltage from the 2.5kV HV transformer for the anode. I also mounted some of the control electronics.

Now the next step will be to start adding the control cables for the vacuum relays to the proper positions of the control system. I will also soon mount the potentiometers which will make it possible for me to start testing the stepper motors, which will be a blast.

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