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Building antenna hardware contd.

Today I continued my work on the fabrication of the antenna hardware. I drilled the hole pattern in the 40m element plates and also welded the element guy support. I would not really need vertical guylines on the 40m elements because they are made from 60mm tubing in the middle, but it’s pretty much for free to add it and then it should hold up for more snow or ice loading if disaster strikes.

Building antenna hardware

Me and a friend went away and bought a bunch of iron at a store about 30km away from where I work. They are not that extremely expensive which is nice and they are used to sell to regular people and not just companies as many others who are a mess trying to buy from.

I decided to build 2 boom struts for the 20m yagis and some element/boom plates for the 40m yagis. I also did some other minor stuff like some supports for my RAGE 2 chop saw. That thing is just a beast! It still cuts iron like it was butter and I have not changed blade yet, it’s awesome and makes building these kind of things so much faster and more fun.