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We got to borrow an excavator for “free” which SM2NOG fixed for us and transported up here. The plan was to improve our grounding system at SJ2W which I believe we have significantly improved now. The tower has got 4 pcs of 6m long ditches where each one of the ditches has got three ground rods driven down at ~45 degrees into the soil, which should be the most conducting material at SJ2W. Lower down its just clay mixed with sand and gravel, so I believe having the ground rods in the clay should give us the lowest ground resistance. The guy wire points has got 2 pcs of 4m long ditches with a total of three ground rods driven down at each guy wire anchor.

SM2XJP was the driver of the excavator and even though he hadn’t been in one for > 10 years it seemed like it was like riding a bike for him, he excavated like a pro!

We also put the cables from the 60m tower into the ground and added two ground leads along the cables to create a good grounding point also at the barn where they enter the switch room. Two cable tubes were added as well for future cables and also the 7/8″ cables donated by SM2JDU was put down with an RG-17 and 1/2″ cable for another future project.

Around the house we put down a 35mm2 copper wire to use as a ring ground, plus each meter there is a cable going up to the wire mesh around the house which will in the future create our own farradays cage of the entire house. Its designed to block frequencies below 30 MHz. Between the cable entrance and shack there is also a 1″ wide, 0.01″ thick copper strip which creates a low inductance path between those two points, since its extremely important that they are at the same potential.

Now I am in need of some short pieces of copper wire so that I can hook the guy wires up to the grounding system, have some laying around?

House getting some color

We’ve done some more work on the house. My neighbour arrived with all the wood needed to finish up the paneling on the parts of the house we’ve added insulation too. The front side of the house will be done next year, and he will probably need to cut us more planks. Anna did most of the painting so that we could finish up the last part of the house and later (today, SE2T came by and helped to paint a lot too so now all the bottom planks have gotten their red color). SM2XJP came by and we moved the window out so that it looks nicer and helped to put up the first paneling to the house.

We also got a visit from SM2IUF who talked, drank some coffee and also ate dinner with me.

Base bearing work

I haven’t updated the posts here for a while, been a lot to do. But now I am gonna make several posts which describes what has happened lately. I did some work on the base bearing for the military tower (40m high). It turned a bit slowly so I took it apart and you can see on the pictures that it needed some cleaning. After a few litres of gasoline I had the bearings cleaned and now its almost ready for assembly again. However, I will not put it back together before I’ve done the I-beams etc which will be on top of it, since I can handle it by myself now when its in pieces.

I also built a little work table which is very sturdy and will be used to build the parts for the bearing.

Slow but steady

Weather has been awful this summer but yesterday I managed to get some more work done on the house and hopefully next week it will not be so much rain so I can start getting some of the panel up on the house.

I spent another day cleaning out the garage part of the barn, so now that is clean and I can continue with the next room. I will also check another building I have on my land which is an old haybarn if the roof is OK I will store lots of stuff in there as well.

SM2VHD visited SJ2W for the first time which was very pleasant and hopefully we’ll see more of Nicke here in the future.