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More build pictures

Here are some more pictures taken by SM3JLA.

Now I am putting together some tubing for the 40m 4-SQ which I have planned to have up before the winter. Also some work on getting the top 15m yagi ready to be lifted.

40m yagi is up!

Today we worked again on the 40m yagi. SM3SGP spent many hours up in the tower and we managed to get the beam up horizontal and at the first try without tuning we had 1.2:1 on 7050. We will try to tune a bit on the hairpin match but it is currently good enough, so I don’t think we will tilt the driven element to adjust the tips.

PA3DAT arrived at the station while I was up in the 18m tower putting the rotator in the tower. He stayed with his wide during the whole day and evening until the next morning. It was a very pleasant visit and they are welcome back anytime! He was hoping to help out with the 40m yagi but unfortunately it was too windy. However it was just as windy today when we decided to continue with the work anyway.

I will post more information later, too tired now.

BIG thanks to especially SM3SGP but also SM2XLL and SM3JLA for helping out during the weekend!

Check the pictures below of the newly put up 3el yagi @60m height!