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Guy wire anchors

I arrived to the radio QTH today and started to work on the guy wire anchors for the smaller towers. They will measure 200x200x600mm and will weigh around 50-60kg. They will be burried about 1.5m below ground which should be enough for these small towers, especially since it’s just clay ground here.

The guy wire running out from the anchor is 68mm2, the same kind that is used for the 60m tower so it will not break 🙂

More pictures tomorrow when I have hopefully put concrete in the form.

Hard work is fun!

This weekend was a holiday weekend in Sweden so me and the gf arrived to the QTH on Friday morning. I did some work inside the shack, adding some shelves behind the fake wall (forgot to take pictures).

On Friday afternoon SM2LIY came with the bus so we picked him up and he helped me to measure the length of the guy wires and also measure out where to place the towers that we have plans to get up this summer, which includes a 16m high tubular rotatable tower for 10m 2nd dir antennas, a 18m high tower for 15m 2nd dir antennas and the 60m tower with main antennas for 40 and 20m.

On Sunday SM2YIZ showed up and we started to take down trees that were in the way of guy wires etc. After a few hours of work with the chainsaw I had cut down a total of 43 trees (of varying size) and SM2LIY + SM2YIZ did a lot of burning branches and dragging timber. There are some 25 trees left to be taken down to have the guy wires clear for the 18m tower + one of the guy wire points for the 60m tower. There will also be the need to take down a lot of big trees that will run along one of the guy wire lines for the 60m tower.

I also removed the sprocket from the 60m tower, which was a tough job but after a few hours I had managed to grind down the welds and get the sprocket loose. Now I will weld bolts to it so I can get it centered while the tower is standing, and weld it after it has been properly centered. I also did an inventory to check what need to be bought to errect the 60m rotatable tower.

We had great weather the whole weekend and now pretty much all snow is gone, yay!