Another antenna is up

This weekend we managed to get up another one of the yagis at the station. It is a 5el monobander for 15m which is the freely rotatable antenna for 15m, since the plan is that each band should have an antenna system which is rotatable on its own, not affecting the other bands in any way. It can also be used for powersplitting when doing running on 15m.

After me and SM2XJP spent several hours trying to tune the Yagi, hoisting it up and down the 60m tower we finally got it looking good. On Friday we decided to put it up and with additional help from SM2XLL we hoisted it up along a guy wire since the antenna barely weigh anything and then attached it to the gin-pole which we used to raise it up to the tube. The antenna works well, it seem to be pretty much equal to the 6el yagi @14m which is a good sign. CT1ILT and SM2LIY helped me doing the on air tests.

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