Digging sucks

Another weekend spent at the station site. This time the gang consisted mainly of SM2XJP and SM2WMV even though SM2NOG, SM2HWG + wife made a quick visit on Sunday where SM2NOG welded the posts for the 80M 4-SQ into place. We also got visited by SM2XLL, SA2AWO and SA2YLM + dogs.

On Saturday SM2XLL came and helped SM2WMV and SM2XJP to burn branches etc that are in the way of the 80M 4SQ from when we did cut down trees. During the evenings we did construction work in the shack and SM2WMV put up wall paper for the first time in his life with a pleasant result. SM2NOG arrived on Sunday with the posts he’d constructed for the 80M 4SQ and welded those into place. A long RG-17 was pulled out to the 80M 4-SQ plus the control cable.

SM2WMV also welded the guy wire rods for the 80M 4SQ consisting of 10mm thick rebar 100cm long where about 90cm of that will be put down into the clay ground.

SM2WMV’s welded guy wire points

We also put a balun to the beverage antenna towards NA and some other small stuff.

The weather was not great though, it didn’t rain but was very windy on Sunday while it was pretty pleasant on Saturday and Monday.

SM2XLL and SM2WMV enjoying the fire with diesel in the foreground

The fake wall almost ready for wall paper

The area behind the fake wall, plenty of space

Wall paper up, sorry for the bad picture, not enough light

After a few hours of digging by SM2WMV…

The door the ditch leads to will contain all antenna switching

110mm tubes will go down to put future cables through. There will be 4 pcs of RG-17 beside the tube and also 2×60 leaded cables for manouvering the antenna switches.

Fun stuff…

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