Preparations for the 18m tower

This weekend the main goal was to put up the 2nd 6el yagi for 20m. However it has been way to windy to get it up safely so instead we have been working on getting the 18m tower up in the air. This tower is planned to hold a rotating 5el monobander for 15m and a 4el monobander for 20m which will be fixed @EU. This is the tower we took down last weekend at the SM3 QTH and the base and guy anchors were already made last year.

SM2XJP and I drove to the village to get a new blade for the lawn mower. I tried to straighten it out but broke it while trying but the local store had one and now the lawn finally got cut!

SM2NOG, SM2LIY and SM2HWG showed up today and SM2NOG drilled the holes in the concrete for the bottom plate. SM2LIY and SM2HWG went out into the woods and took down the rest of the 1200m beverage and fixed the one towards 45 degrees. Me and SM2NOG did fix the threaded rods which holds the tower and carried out two of the tower sections. The lower guy wires have been attached to the tower and we will try to raise 12m of it by hand tomorrow. If that works the last section will be erected with a gin-pole and if we can’t get the first 12m up by hand we will need to put up 2 sections with the gin-pole.

Stay tuned for the results…

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