A new shelf and openASC pictures

I did build a new shelf for the radio shack now when I am about to install the new openASC control system that is finally getting ready to be used, if however not completed but functional. The idea is that all radio positions have the openASC control box to the right of their monitor. On the SO2R position however, I wanted to be able to easily reach both radio 1 and radio 2 antenna control. So I decided that on multiplier radio #1 (SO2R radio #2) the openASC box is on the left of the monitor instead, thus enabling the SO2R operator to reach its controls.

Stacking boxes is always tricky so I decided to build a small shelf made out of aluminum and oak which I think came out pretty fine.

I will do some EMI tests on the system this week, since we have that ability at the university to make sure we won’t suffer from any spurs showing up on the ham bands. If that looks good, I will take everything down to SJ2W this weekend to install it.

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