CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW

Call: SJ2W
Station: SJ2W

Class: M/S HP
QTH: Da Traesk
Operating Time (hrs): 48

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:  136    15       61
   80:  454    32      112
   40: 1656    39      143
   20: 1830    39      132
   15: 1323    40      135
   10:  607    38      141
Total: 6006   203      724  Total Score = 11,439,180

Club: Worldwide Young Contesters


We had a few new operators which was a great addition, since it made working the
contest a lot easier with more rest, hopefully they are interested in joining us
for more efforts.

We did our second effort using S&P on the running band and this time it
worked better. We RX with just verticals located far away from the TX antennas
and this needs to be improved. However we logged 892 additional QSOs with the
"inband" radio with 60% of these being 3-pt QSOs and many mults. A
project for next year will be to put up a tower with yagis instead to improve
this more.

Our goal in CQWW CW 2011 was to work 6000Q, we didn't make it that time but
this time we managed to get > 6000Q. However it wont be that high after log
check by CQWW but at least we claimed it. The score is a bit higher than the 11
Meg in 2011 but our mult total is a lot lower. The first day wasn't really good
and we suffered a lot on the lowbands. It got a lot better on Sunday but we
couldn't make up for the lost mults.

In the SSB part we got favored more by the propagation's and could get into top
5 EU but this time we had no chance against the guys further south. Still we're
very happy to have improved our Scandinavian record a bit more.
160m: 1/4 vert
80m: 4-SQ
40m: 3/3el + 2/2el + 4-SQ
20m: 6/6/6el + 5/5el + 4el @EU
15m: 6/6el + 5el
10m: 6/6el + 6el @46m
RX inband: 3-band vertical ~450m away + single verticals for 40 and 80

RUN: FT1000MKV + ACOM 2000A (Sponsored by Ojojoj Music AB)
INBAND (S&P on run band): FT1000MKV
MULT1: FT5000 + Expert SPE
MULT2: IC-7400 + 4CX1500B
N1MM Logger


  1. Good show Mike!
    Was @ HK1NA CQWW CW – 20m station, did not work you but Ville OH2MM probably did.
    73 PY2ZXU, SM0CXU

  2. Nice Job! 🙂

    Team SN8N