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Workshop progress in March 2018

I added captions to the pictures so check them out, they tell the story.

Start to get pumped to be able to soon start preparing to move all the radio gear. A lot of work left though, but fun work!

Workshop progress in February 2018

I added captions to the pictures so check them out.

Workshop updates and visit from England


The coming updates I guess will mainly be involving the updates of the progress building the new workshop. I also have another problem regarding the 160m vertical where I need to change the lines and its urgent. I have temporary supported it by a wire line at 14m so it does not threat falling over the guy wires for the 160m tower, but some of the lines are really in bad shape and should have been replaced a few years ago. Now I have ordered plastic line from F2DX and will replace it.

SM2XJP also had visit from M3AFF and M0SHF for the second time. Now they stayed at my neighbours house which is about 3km from mine and spent some time helping me, eating good food and playing on the radio. It was very fun and I sure do hope they will come more times.

Winter updates

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I have been busy with the job change and also a new pretty big project is on the way @SJ2W. Since I now live permanently at SJ2W I felt that I could invest (borrow money) in something that I have been talking about for years. I am finally building my own workshop. It will be 173m2 where about 120m2 will be the mechanical workshop and the other ~50m2 will be for electronics including the radio shack. Above the radio part of the house there will also be 30m2 of space for some bunk beds etc.

So I have invested a lot of time into this getting all drawings done etc. I am now waiting for permission to go on with the build.

Meanwhile I have some updates of the winter stuff, which should have been posted a couple of month ago.