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July update 2019

Most of July was spent re-routing cables from the house to the new shack. It was a lot of work but I managed to get it done. I also got help a week by SG3P (SK3W) which is always nice and also SM2UVU came up and helped while Gunnar was here.

We also managed to fix the 40m 4-SQ. The control cable was re-routed to the Moskojärvi tower to hookup on that 40-lead cable. One of the vertical posts had been pulled up out of the ground a bit by the frost, so that the cable had pulled out of the vertical. Easy fix.

We also managed to get one radio up and running inside the new shack.

June update 2019

June was a lot of trying to pull cables for the new shack, adding the surge disconnect switches, repairing the tractor and making parts for friends and neighbours. I am hoping that I will be able to get the shack moved during my vacation which is 5 weeks beginning on July the 8th.

SM2UVU helped me changing the top guy lines of the 160m vertical since I don’t have the nerves to do it. I rather spend a day at 60m height in one of those towers compared to 1h in the 160m vertical. I changed the lower set last year but now I discovered the top rope I had was not UV-resistant which I thought it was…so we were forced to change it now. Now it is guyed at around 25, 17 9m which should be sufficient enough.

April update 2019

This behind on updates. If you want realtime updates you can add sm2wmv_sj2w on instagram. I do daily updates there but here it is when I have time over.

April has been a lot of work in the shack and continue getting the workshop a bit more organized. Progress has been pretty good and I am really happy with how the radio/electronics/workshop part is turning out.

March update 2019

The month of March was spent by doing a lot of work in the radio shack. The solid oak desk has been built and also the shelving has been put in. In the “fake room” shelving has also been attached.

I have also managed to get mist coolant mounted on the CNC and been able to mill some parts. It will be an essential part of getting the stuff moved since I will need to mill up quite a few parts for the planned new surge disconnects etc. More on this to come!