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Big update of the build, August 2017

More recent stuff

Here is a more recent update 🙂

Öppet hus / open house

Den 12:e September kommer FURA att komma upp med ett gÀng glada radioamatörer för att hÀlsa pÄ och fÄ en rundtur @SJ2W. Förhoppningsvis kommer det Àven dyka upp folk frÄn andra klubbar, alla som Àr intresserade Àr vÀlkommna!

Adressen Àr VÀstomsundet 111, BurtrÀsk

Info mainly for the Swedes

This is meant mainly for the Swedish viewers of this website but there might be other who could be interested too. I do not only update the posts on this webpage but also a thread on a Swedish forum called e. I think it might be more fun to Swedish viewers to follow that thread (maybe along with the website) but I’ve noticed lots of Swedes do not know about this. I normally might write a bit more on elektronikforumet since I write in Swedish which comes more naturally than I do on the website. The pictures occur at both places though.

So check the thread,