Cecill Free Software License Agreement V1.0

This creates practical problems such as those of the original BSD license, including incompatibility with the GNU GPL. It is a lax and generous free software license, without Copyleft, compatible with the GNU GPL. The license offers the ability to grant patents at the same time as the software work, but we still recommend the Apache 2.0 license in order to avoid betrayal if you decide to place your work under a lax license. It is a free software license. It has a copyleft similar to that of the Mozilla License. It also has a legal choice clause in section 7. These properties make the GPL license incompatible. Unfortunately, the license also uses the term “intellectual property.” Please note that the GNU AGPL is not compatible with GPLv2. It is not technically compatible with GPLv3 stricto sensu: you cannot take code released under the GNU AGPL and transfer or modify it under the conditions of GPLv3 as you wish, or vice versa. However, you can combine separate modules or source files published under these two licenses into a single project, allowing many programmers to get all the necessary permissions to create the desired programs.

For more information, see section 13 of both licenses. This license is not free for several reasons. It states that if you do not understand the license, you cannot use the program. It sets conditions for others to run your copy. It sets conditions for separate programs that “depend” on Truecrypt. The trademark condition applies to “associated materials”. It presents a particular risk in the form of a deadline that expressly states that it does not grant you a patent license, with an invitation to purchase some of them. In this context, and because the author of the license is a well-known patent aggressor, we recommend that you be careful in the use or retransmission of software under this license: you should first ask yourself if the licensor would like to lure you into a patent infringement. If you conclude that the program is baited for a patent trap, it would be advisable to avoid the program. We try to list the most common free software license on this page, but we cannot list them all; We will do our best to answer questions related to free software licenses, whether listed here or not.

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