City Of Vaughan Tree Protection Agreement

York Region`s Bylaw Forest Conservation protects York Region`s forests. According to the statutes, landowners must be allowed before they can remove trees from wooded areas larger than 0.2 hectares (0.5 hectares). Permission must be obtained before the trees are injured or removed. This request is for vaughan residents who need permission to remove dead, dangerous or private ash trees. The request should only be made after the tree has been verified by De Parks and Forestry operations. The private tree application form has been modified to ensure that ash trees are inventoried on private land and that landowners are not charged for EAB removal permits. This authorization is extended to dangerous and dead trees. To apply for this vaughan distance permit, you can download the form here. A special permit may be granted if the proposal to demolish the building is not eligible for a permit for good forestry, but is compatible with other environmental, agricultural or land use directives. Applicants are entitled to this authorization if the remoteness of the proposed construction follows a forest recipe for harvest established by a registered professional ranger or if they are part of a forest management plan under the managed Forest Tax Incentive Program managed by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. The cost of the special permit depends on the size of the affected area (the wooded area from which the applicant wishes to remove the trees): this application for a building removal permit is allowed for residents who wish to remove five or more private trees within the City of Vaughan.

The application must only be completed after the tree has been verified by parks and forestry operations. The application applies to the destruction or injury of one or more trees with a diameter greater than 20 centimeters at the base. Moving expenses apply to any tree to be removed. Download the application form here. The Private and Public Property Tree Protection By-Law was created to protect trees on private or public property in the City of Vaughan. The by-law describes the roles, responsibilities and boundaries of the residents and the City of Vaughan. If you are applying for a Vaughan Building Removal Permit, it is important to remember that the tax applies to any tree that is removed and the replacement fee of $550 per tree is included…

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