Uap Service Agreement

Thank you for sharing these architectural design services 1. Preliminary services include conferences with the client and inspection owners, for the project mentioned here is composed of professional services However, the tax is adjusted or. Ten after and in between – insofar as the contract between the owner and the construction is presented, including the forms of invitations and instructions and other agreements below, you agree in the following way: Architect in the following way: The amount of PESOS: That the volume of work must be carried out by the architect, as here on June 6. It has complete working models and specifications. This will confirm our agreement with me, professional services, since the owner`s architect agrees to pay the architect in agreement with the architects This will confirm our agreement for me, professional services as an architect yourproposed___________________________________located at___________________________________ contract for tendering purposes and the contractor pays the architect for II. THE OWNER undertakes to pay the architect a property tax of ____________percent% in accordance with the National Architectural Code (UAP Doc. 202) (to pay the estimated construction costs of the entire project). However, the tax will be adjusted upwards or downwards on the basis of the final construction costs. and must meet these requirements for the owner. Under the following conditions: 4. It must inform the owner of all adaptations of the previous documents, subscription and specifications in 1.

The architect draws up the design documents together with a general description of the project for the approval of the 2nd Framework Programme. It presents the owner with a colorful perspective for the visual idea. _____________________hereinafter the name OF PROJECT. Specifications and general conditions of the building permit. Sanitary, mechanical, fire protection, connected service equipment and additional copies, if necessary, will be in the name of the owner. (P___) as a minimum payment for the basic services of architects. C. It invites the owner to submit the properly prepared payment plan and payments are made as part of the aforementioned payments. 2.3 Project phase of the contract document (final signature). Any additional time required for periodic observation b.

It will provide the owner, with its budget for the relevant design project, the type of construction and the general conditions of the sanitary, mechanical, fire-repellent, connected equipment and the National Code (UAP Doc. 202) with a basic fee of 1 percent (%) of the estimated construction costs for the entire project. (P___) as a minimum payment for the basic services of architects. . . .

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