Suit For Specific Performance Of Unregistered Agreement To Sell

These two judgments are contradictory and run counter to the legal situation of two sections of the Indian Registration Act. Favour a person in possession of an assignment, i.e. an agreement providing for partial performance, of a sales agreement, such as that of Se. for sale. A relevant excerpt from the reference decision is as follows:-“Given that there is a conflict as to the legal situation, the question whether the appeal is brought in respect of certain . Gurbachan Singh. V. Raghubir Singh.. (a priori) is the derEntbar that a sales agreement accompanied by the delivery of the property is inadmissible as proof if it is not re-filled.

The Full Bench, composed of 5 Hon`ble judges, held in the case of Bhagwan Singh and Anr. v. Khuda Bakhsh and Anr. Contract, insofar as, even if it is not registered, it may form the basis of a remedy for a given service and be proved as proof of the agreement or partial performance of a contract. The applicant`s appeal was dismissed and the appeal was lodged. The applicant respondent brought an action for a declaration and a specific benefit by leaving. A number of documents, including a general power of attorney, a sales agreement, a receipt and a will, were executed between Mr Rishi Raj and the applicant on 06.08.2013 concerning the ownership of the appeal. These documents were signed by Mr. Rishi Raj, the complainant and two witnesses.

The execution of these documents is not contested by either party….

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