Rocky View Schools Collective Agreement

17.3.1 From 1 September 2014, the first authorised day is free for the teacher. The ratification of a collective agreement by the parties after August 31, 2016 terminates this clause, unless otherwise agreed between the parties, and article 17.3 applies. 13.1 A teacher shall be granted paid leave, provided that the employer reimburses by the association the actual expenses of the substitute, including the employer`s share of statutory dues, to perform the duties of an elected or appointed member of the Provincial Executive Council, the Discipline review and Practice Committees, and the Central and Local Bargaining Committees. Compensation information is provided in a format that reflects the average annual salaries of our employees. Please note that “RTD” applies to full-time equivalents. RTD is a full-time job for a person. Otherwise, two or more people could share an FTE through any part-time job. Also remember that many of our salaries are based on a ten-year plan. Bargaining unit employees represent approximately 98% of all CBE employees.

Compensation information is available to these employees through our various collective agreements. This includes salary scales for our teachers, auxiliaries, CUPEs, trades and released employees. In addition, in our annual accounts, we disclose the remuneration of the Board of Directors as well as the Chief Superintendent, the Corporate Treasurer and the Corporate Secretary. 2.5.1 Notwithstanding Section 130 of the Employment Relations Act, after notification of termination with a view to the opening of central bargaining, a collective agreement shall apply between the parties at the time of service of termination, regardless of the date of termination of the collective agreement, until 2.5 concerns all previous collective agreements between the parties or parties. 1.1 This Agreement applies to employees of the Employer who, as a condition of employment, must hold a valid teaching certificate issued under the authority of Alberta Education, the Province of Alberta, or, if the context so requires, teachers. (a) until August 31, 2017 only full years of teaching experience acquired in schools under Canadian jurisdiction; (b) years of teaching experience recognized by the employer under section 3.4.7 of this collective agreement; and (c) years of experience in teaching business and the profession, recognized by the employer in accordance with Article 3.5 of this Collective Agreement. . . .

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