Franchise Agreement Template Philippines

There is no specific law governing franchise activities in Nigeria. However, the Companies and Allied Matters Act regulates all companies and enterprises registered in Nigeria. The general rules of the Treaty also apply to this document. If you are interested in franchising, whether as a franchisee or franchisee, the franchise agreement is an important document that you should consider. A franchise agreement is usually a voluminous document. Of course, the franchisor`s intention is not to confuse the franchisee. It is long because it defines in detail the respective obligations, obligations and prohibitions of the Contracting Parties. Despite its length, the parties must be aware of the provisions and provisions of the franchise agreement. (e) where the franchisee violates any law, regulation, rule or provision of a governmental authority in connection with the operation of franchise rooms and fails to rectify such situation after notification, unless there is a dispute in good faith about the violation or legality of such laws, regulations, rules or regulations, and that the franchisee immediately applies to the courts or bodies of the jurisdiction concerned; to challenge such a violation or legality. The franchisee acknowledges that the granting of the franchise is the only consideration for the payment of the franchise fees and that this amount is fully earned by the franchisee upon performance and delivery. In the event of partial acceptance by the franchisee of a debt instrument or other proof of indebtedness, the immediate and faithful performance of this obligation constitutes an essential consideration for the conclusion of the contract by the franchisee. The fact that the franchisee has not fulfilled this obligation by the due date constitutes a significant delay in this Agreement and the franchisor is not obliged to inform such a delay, notwithstanding the contrary in paragraph 17. (g) The assignee shall sign, if required by the franchisor, the franchisee`s current franchise and sublease agreements, which may contain other provisions, including those equal to those to be paid to the franchisee or used for advertising, as provided for in this Agreement.

The franchisee must himself guarantee the correct licenses and authorizations before participating in the regulated activity. He cannot attribute his franchisee activity to the license granted by the government to the franchisee. He cannot assert that, since his franchisor has already obtained the authorizations of the State, he does not have the task of doing so. . . .

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