Variation To Agreement Letter

Letter confirming the changes to the contract: the letter of modification of the contract assumes that a change in the contract requires the written agreement of both parties. Please note that this document has been replaced by the amending agreement. You can save your document instance at any time on our servers and return later to editing. Once you are satisfied with the edition, you can export the document and save it to your computer. This contract amendment letter contains appropriate wording to remove, modify, insert and replace words and clauses, as well as to re-list existing clauses to reflect these changes. You will find detailed information on the licensing conditions for the use of models, instances and exports in our terms and conditions. This is the licensing period for the use of documents created and exported with docular Online Editor. In short, the licenses are not being forfeited. There are no outstanding royalties.

There are four different licenses from which you can access a docular model. If you would like to clarify all aspects of the application of this model, please contact the HR Support and Advice Unit. If you subtract this right, it is added to the customer concerned. The number of sublicensings you can grant is numerically limited and, again, the limitation of the document instance corresponds. Each free template contains a text credit for Docular (z.B” this document was created with Docular “) and you must keep that credit in all versions of the document. We don`t limit the number of copies of a model you can create on your own computer. They also do not limit the number of times you can print and sign a document. However, we limit the number of copies of a template you can create in the Docular editor, as well as the number of websites/digital products for which a model can be used. Licenses have numerical limits for: a) the number of websites (including cloud services) on which documents can be published; and (b) the number of digital products (for example. B software) that allows documents to be distributed.

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