Nissan Lease Agreement Pdf

If it`s time to make your vehicle current, we`d like you to stay in the Nissan family. To thank you for buying or leasing another Nissan, NMAC waives $500 in excessive wear and tear fees and, if applicable, your $395 disposition fee for your current NMAC lease. Offer well from 120 days before or 30 days after the termination of the customer`s rental agreement. The name of the registered owner of the Nissan currently leased must be identical to the registered owner of the new Nissan or be held in a condominium. The customer must fulfill all obligations to NMAC in accordance with his current lease agreement. The waiver of over-wear and use does not apply to excessive mileage charges. Contact Neil Huffman Nissan from Frankfort for more information. Before the lease expires, call our dealership at 502-385-0348 to make an appointment for your vehicle to return. As your nissan rental nears the end of your lifespan, there are three options to consider. Among its three options are: if necessary, four to six weeks after the vehicle is returned to your Nissan dealership, you will receive an end-of-life liability statement.

The return details all remaining fees/taxes that may contain an installation fee of up to $395. After this declaration of liability, you may receive invoices after the fact that may contain parking tickets, but are not limited to the property tax; Toll violations, etc., occurred during the period during which you were in possession of the rented vehicle. During your appointment for the return of the rental, our salesmen will help you with the following paperwork: If you buy your vehicle, you can avoid excessive mileage, wear and tear. You are not responsible for any fees other than the predetermined purchase price and incidental costs specified in your Nissan lease or prescribed by law. This can include VAT, vehicle registration, purchase tax, etc. Some government and local laws may require you to pay for smog or security screening, etc. If you like your current Nissan, you can buy the vehicle at the end of the rental at the previously agreed price (shown in your rental contract), regardless of fitness. If you buy your vehicle, you don`t have to pay excessive mileage, wear or usage fees. You are still responsible for VAT, registration, other fees and incidental fees that you will find in your rental agreement. Some government and local laws may require you to pay an inspection fee or other fees.

Our helpful staff at Neil Huffman Nissan in Frankfurt are happy to help you find out the amount of these fees. The inspection lasts only about half an hour and can be carried out here at our dealer, at your home or even in your work. Please note that Neil Huffman Nissan of Frankfort cannot carry out the inspection and must be the subject of a prior agreement with AIM. An inspector with AIM checks the condition and mileage of your vehicle and determines the wear and tear of the vehicle. AIM inspectors have a computer with them and the results are printed immediately after the inspection. After the inspection, the inspector will take the time to check the report with you and answer any questions. The inspector provides you with a copy of the report and deposits a second copy of the report in the vehicle. (Please leave this copy of the inspection report in the vehicle until you return the vehicle.) If your lease is about to be concluded, Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation (NMAC) will notify you with mailers and emails in which you outline your options and commitments.

More information about the vehicle inspection process (including conducting its own inspections) and examples of normal and excessive wear and tear in the wear and use guide. Offer well from 120 days before or 90 days after the client`s termination. The tenant must purchase or lease a new Nissan or INFINITI vehicle, not used or unreg registered, financed by Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation (NMAC) or through

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