Dga New Media Agreement

This section contains the DGA agreements, including the Basic Agreement (BA), the Agreement on Live and Free Band Television Contracts (FLTTA) and the Commercial Agreement. It also contains the DGA Creative Rights Handbook and Rate Cards. We hope you find this section informative and useful, whether you are a member of the DGA or an employer. ▪ The employer`s pension contribution rate will increase sustainably by one percent (1%) in the first year of the contract, from 7% to 8%. “The future is what motivates us and you see it in this agreement,” said Thomas Schlamme, President of the DGA. “Given that the streaming change we have been waiting for for so long is beyond the industry and new services continue to be brought to market, this crucial agreement, which increases streaming delays beyond the traditional level of television, is a great victory for our members thanks to our co-chairs Jon Avnet and Todd Holland, our intrepid chief negotiator Russ Hollander. “I am proud to announce that our members voted by an overwhelming majority in favour of ratifying the new treaty,” said Thomas Schlamme, President of the DGA. “In a time of enormous uncertainty where we are all feeling the weight of this current pandemic, it is reassuring to say the least for our members to know that if the sector resumes production, a strong new agreement awaits them. The agreement contains significant progress in key areas, including dramatic improvements in SVOD residues and coverage; a significant increase in the resources allocated to our retirement plan to secure our retirement promises, now and in the future; healthy wage increases; and significant gains in creative television rights. It was a complex negotiation, and we thank our bargaining committee, chaired by co-chairs Jon Avnet and Todd Holland, our National Executive Director Russell Hollander and our excellent professional collaborators. “We have reached a great deal for our members and for the industry. With these impressive increases in the remnants of SVOD, in the first year of the agreement, we have breached the impenetrable ceiling of 3% in our economic package, while achieving strong wage increases while achieving another important priority: securing our members` retirement plans into the future,” holland holland said. In addition, we have made great strides with regard to creative rights for television directors and achieved the almost impossible impossibility of involving film directors, after having pushed employers to move on this issue for many years. .

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