Supply Of Goods Agreement South Africa

10.1 Subject to Provisions 4, 5 and 9 below, the following provisions define the company`s overall financial responsibility (including any liability for acts or omissions of its employees, representatives and subcontractors) to the purchaser with respect to:10.1.1 in the event of a breach of these conditions, including a deliberate violation of these conditions by a party or its staff. , representing or subcontracting;10.1.2 any use or resell of the goods by the purchaser or a product containing any of the products; and 10.1.3 any insurance, declaration or act or omission, including negligence, resulting or related to the contract.10.2 Nothing in these circumstances excludes the liability of the company:10.2.1 in the event of death or injury due to the negligence of the company; or 10.2.2 for any matter that would be illegal for the company to exclude or exclude from its liability; 10.3 Subject to paragraph 10.2 and clause 10.3:10.3.1, the overall liability of the company is limited to the price of the contract (including negligence or breach of legal obligations), misrepresentation, restitution or other provisions arising from the performance or foreseen performance of the contract; and 10.3.2 the company is not liable to the buyer for the shortfall; Loss of business or depletion of value in all cases, whether direct, indirect or logical, or any right to a follow-up allowance arising from or related to the contract.10.4 To avoid doubts:10.4.1 The contract relates to the supply of goods in accordance with these conditions.10.4.2 The contract does not apply to the advice or advice it seeks. The purchaser of the company, including, but not limited, any advice or assistance regarding the storage facility of the maintenance or suitability of the goods.10.4.3 If the buyer requests that the company any advice or support that falls outside the scope of the contract and the company undertakes to provide such advice or support; This situation is strictly based on the fact that the company strives to help only as a first reference point and that the company is not responsible for losses resulting from such consultation or assistance. engineers to ensure that all applicable standards and regulations have been met. 13.1 Any right or recourse of the company under the contract does not affect any other rights or recourse of the company, whether under the contract or not.13.2 If a provision of the contract is, in whole or in part, unlawful, null, null, non-avenue, unenforceable or unreasonable by a court, jurisdiction or administrative authority, it is within this extent that a provision of the contract is , a competent jurisdiction or administrative authority is, in whole or in part, unlawful, invalid, non-applicable, unenforceable or unreasonable, to the extent that this illegality is considered totally or partially illegal, invalid, null, unenforceable or unreasonable. , disability, nullity, 13.3 The company`s omission or delay in the performance or partial performance of a provision of the contract is not construed as a waiver of any of its rights under the contract.13.4 The company`s waiver of a breach of a provision of the contract by the purchaser is not considered to be a waiver of one of its rights. Renunciation of a subsequent breach or delay and does not affect other contractual terms.13.5 Contracting parties do not intend a contractual clause to be applicable by or against a person who is not a contracting party.13.6 This contract and all disputes or claims arising from or in connection with it are applicable. or whose purpose or training (including non-contractual disputes or claims) are governed by South African law and are interpreted accordingly and are subject to the parties

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