Learning Goals From Individual Learning Agreement

Short-term learning goals – “reading a letter from my uncle” – “writing to my daughter in Saudi Arabia” – “reading the Bilbe or the Koran” – “knowing what foods are healthy for my children” 2. Setting Smart Goals – Making Useful and Measurable The following document will help you gather relevant information from the parent/guardian to complete the ILP. You can use it during the meeting to conduct your interrogation. It can be changed, so you can change the details to customize your school. Determine who is responsible for delivering parts of the plan. When does learning take place? Can learning be integrated into your daily teaching practice? Improve my ability to organize my work effectively: Find books and articles in the library about how they organize my work and how to manage and read time. Interview three executives on how they organize their work, then observe them for a day and write down the techniques they use. Choose each other`s best techniques, plan a day`s work and let a co-worker watch me for a day, give me feedback TIME FRAME 10-11,2009 Learning Activities – LEARNING GOALS Strategies Identifying strengths, skills, challenges, preferred learning styles and student interests. What motivates them? Think about their classroom learning, use student self-assessment, questionnaires and inventories. Consider organizational strategies such as when, how, where and by whom the teaching is provided. What teaching methods will you use? What learning experiences do you plan? What resources do you need? Define long-term goals that reflect learning in the social, academic and life fields.

Write short-term goals related to long-term goals. Make sure they are relevant to the student. THE ILA IS A KEY INSTRUMENT FOR THE LEARNING PROGRAMME – THE BROAD LEARNING OBJECTIVES AND SPECIFIC GOALS OF THE LEARNER; The things the learner intends to do to achieve their learning goals and the timetable for learning or achieving these goals. Can I change my learning agreement? Yes, you can change it or make a new one. You can change it: If you think you`ve finished learning a subject, or if you want to learn something else. During the learning process, you and your training manager will consider/check your learning agreement at least every two weeks. Process of documenting the learner`s individual learning goals and for the formulation of an individual learning agreement Individual discussion between the learner and the instruction manager A small group of learners and an IM Why my instructional guide and I need to sign the learning agreement – The signature of the learning agreement will be: – Remember your commitment to the learning process – You remember your head of learning To help you achieve your learning goals INDIVIDUAL LEARNING GOALS – The things the learner implements for a given period – Present the benchmarks that allow learners to access their own progress in the program – help you determine which learning modules, activities and timelines are used in the learning program.

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