Howard Community College Transfer Agreements

1. A student who moves from another public institution to a public institution receives a general training credit for the work planned in this chapter that has been completed on the student`s sending institution. (a) put in place quick and simplified procedures for convening a credit transfer refusal; and (1) credits acquired from a public government agency are transferable to any other public body, when credits are transferred on average to 2.0 or more in the course block; And want to stay in Maryland? You might be interested in discovering ARTSYS, a transfer tool developed by the University of Maryland. This site allows students to determine the portability of HCC courses at four years of age, explore recommended transfer programs, find out which schools offer their favorite majors, evaluate transcripts and much more. For any questions, please contact Please visit our registration and registration page for information on how to request an official transcript. Please note that schools do not accept unofficial transcripts for transmission, so don`t skip this step! (2) To be transferable, a credit is obtained according to the student`s program of study. (c) immediately make available to the host institution all necessary documents when the student has fulfilled all financial and other obligations to transfer the sending institution. 2. A host institution welcomes transfer students from newly created public universities who work with the Maryland Higher Education Commission agreement on the same basis as candidates from regionally accredited universities. For example, the transfer coordinator.

A public university designates a transfer coordinator who serves as a contact person for the transfer of students to the sending or receiving campus. The transfer coordinator is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the guidelines and procedures outlined in this chapter and interpreting the guidelines for transfers to each student and institution. 2. Students at community universities are encouraged to choose the institution and program in which they are to be transferred as soon as possible. Howard University grants transfer credits for “C” grades or rather. Official Cambridge/AQA/Edexcel certificates must be sent directly to Howard University through the examination service. A/AS credit hours are awarded by Howard University according to the Cambridge/AQA/Edexcel A/AS Level exam table. 5.

A community college and a higher public university may, in a joint agreement, transfer additional appropriations to the planned appropriations. B, paragraph 1, of this regulation. ARTSYS is a computerized data information system that was designed to facilitate the transfer of students from Maryland`s public colleges from speeches to Maryland university system schools and other participating institutions.

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