6el for 10m in position

SM2LIY helped me this weekend to get the 10m Yagi up in the 60m tower at 46m height. We tuned the beam on Friday and had it ready for liftoff on Saturday morning. The local club SK2AU had planned a visit to SJ2W on 11:00 on Saturday, so we thought we would have no problem to be done in time for their arrival. But things took longer time as usual, since we decided to hoist the 1/2″ hardline (donated by SM0W) up the tower as well. So when I was hooking up the beam to the coax and attaching it to the tower they guys from SK2AU arrived. But I took my time and taped the coax up every m down the tower so now we just need to fit a connect in the bottom and attach the jumper cable between the cable post and tower.

It will be very interesting to see how well this beam works and to compare it with the 6/6el stack. I doubt that it will beat the 6/6 very often, but when there are marginal conds, sporadic E and during band openings/closings it should outperform the low stack. Also it adds a 2nd direction to the station, which is always good, especially now when 10m is finally showing some life again.

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