Not that much radio related has been done so far this year. I have spent a few weekends at the QTH but not done much major stuff, just some organizing in the basement etc. Now however sun has appeared again and my motivation is getting better and better. Plans for this spring is to finish up the house and the inband tower. I will also try to get the WARC beam up. There is a lot of minor stuff I also need to spend this summer doing, such as small houses for all rotors to the towers etc. There is also plenty of work to be done getting inband to work with remote access link for antenna switching etc which will be run over XBee. I have been looking at making some HPF for them to make sure I don’t get any interference from the HF bands, I dont know how much I should trust the RF-frontend on those modules.

This weekend me and Hicco will go down and hopefully weather is good enough so I can do some outdoor work.

Stay tuned…

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