SM2UVU and his big erection

This weekend we headed down to SM2UVU to help out getting his home made tower put up and the Opti-beam antennas. The station is now a beauty with the 46m rotating tower which holds a OB804020 in top which is a 2el on 80, 3el on 40 and 5el on 20. Below that he has a 2el for 30m, 5-5el 15/10 duobander, 3-5 40/20m duobander, 5el 12m, 5-5 15/10 duobander. So it’s 2el on 80 @46m, 3/3el on 40, 5/5el on 20,15 and 10m plus a 5el on 12 and 2el on 30.

The work went really well. The crane arrived 08:00 and we were done 12:30. SM2NOG and me (SM2WMV/SJ2W) did the climbing and it was quite fun to be two people in the tower and made it a lot easier and faster. The rest of the crew were, SM2UVU, SM2VTS, SA2BRJ, SM2VJX, SM2LIY and SM2MZC.

Pictures were taken by SM2VJX, SM2LIY, SM2WMV and SA2BRJ.

Now SM2UVU became a big-gun but hopefully he will join us at SJ2W during most of our M/S efforts.

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