March update 2019

The month of March was spent by doing a lot of work in the radio shack. The solid oak desk has been built and also the shelving has been put in. In the “fake room” shelving has also been attached.

I have also managed to get mist coolant mounted on the CNC and been able to mill some parts. It will be an essential part of getting the stuff moved since I will need to mill up quite a few parts for the planned new surge disconnects etc. More on this to come!

February update 2019

The month of February was spent by doing a lot of welding. I did some work on getting brackets made to hold the new operating desk which will be made out of solid oak. I also did more work to get closer to finishing the material rack.

I added some vents in the shack as well plus some other smaller stuff.

January update 2019

The month of January was mainly getting stuff organized in the workshop. I built a material rack to get all material from the floor so I can use that space better. I also managed to get the CNC to mill some and also tried exporting some code from Fusion 360 to use on it and it seem to work properly (spoiler, it does work).

I also spent some time trying to fix the 80m vertical for the 4-SQ but in the end I gave this up because of my energy being low and the snow that came made it very hard. So this will be done in the spring instead. The station is undergoing a makeover anyway since everything is being moved out into the new building.

Progress in December 2018

The month of December I spent some time trying to get more organized in the workshop but it is a lot of work left to be done for that. I also got most of the ventilation done, some insulating to be done upstairs.

Another big milestone was getting the CNC mill functional and being able to jog it! This is very big benefit to have, especially when we start building the planned 10m monster stack to come in a couple of years.