Progress in October 2018

The month of October was spent finishing up the work outside of the workshop and also started to move stuff into the workshop so I could start using it again. The heating system was also planned and ventilation stuff for the shack was bought.

I also got some of the towers hooked back up. The only thing remaining is the 5el for 15m that is yet not connected. Me and SM2XJP also changed some of the guy lines for the 160m vertical.

Progress in September 2018

During September the main activities was finishing up the excavating to get electricity and water to the new building. I also did put down some cables from towers in the ground so its not needed to be careful of where to drive with the tractor. I also finished up the roof overhangs on the ends with a skylift I rented for 4 days which was a huge help.

Workshop progress in August 2018

August 2018 was mainly focused on digging and doing work with the excavator while I had it.

Workshop progress in July 2018

Sorry for being so behind on the updates. My energy level has not been the best and also I spend so little time at the computer now which makes it even harder to make the effort of updating the web page. But I will try to improve and I will try to get updated on all the months up until now before the end of the year. There are big plans and I am hoping to start moving stuff to the new shack now during the Christmas break even though it will take some time to finish it. I have some hope that we could run Russian DX Contest from the new shack, but we will see.

This summer a lot of work as been done revolving around the workshop. I got to borrow an 23 tonne excavator from GTL which was a nice machine to learn in 🙂 I dug about 600m of trench for the heating system to make the workshop a lot cheaper to heat up and also did dig down water lines, coaxes etc. It was an extreme summer with the warmest weather I have experienced. It was tough from the beginning but I felt the body got used to it and as long as I did drink around 5-8 litres of water a day I was fine.

I also spent some time at SM2UVU helping him build his new workshop.

To be continued…