Putting up the first 36m

After cutting down all the trees at the station I needed to get rid of them somehow. SM2XJP saw my neighbour outside so he asked him and he said yes, went to my place, took a bit of coffee and we talked for a long while. After that he promised to gather all the wood and he got all the pine tree while I got all the birch. He also said that it was no problem to ask him in the future either and we also have permission to add beverage antennas in his forrest.

On Friday the 31st of July the first 36m of the tower went up. The people who did attend (which I am grateful for) were SM2NOG, SM2XLL, SM2XJP, SE2T, SM2LIY, SA2AWO, SA2YLM, SA2AXJ, SM2WMV and the crane driver Per. It went pretty smoothly and took around 2-3 hours to complete. The crane did just lift 32m which was a bit tricky but we managed to get the top part up anyway but it took a bit longer time. The next 24m of the tower has also been laid out and after it has been put together and guy wires added its time for the next lift, to get the tower to its full 61.5m height.

The reason why we do this in two lift is to get the cost down. The big crane cost probably 3-4 times as much as this one.

Here are the pictures with picture descriptions

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